Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Nite out - Putrajaya Part II (backlog)

The fireworks started on time @ 10pm... it lasted for 20 mins. It was a superb location (thanks Matt for recommending). Guess what? (just between you and me ah!) We got free of charge yet the others have to pay for RM$44+ for this view. The only different is we were @ the extremely economic class i.e. the PICC parking bay but we did not even bother just only for 1.5hrs waiting + 20mins show.

me, Matt and Corine

After the 20mins show, we took a couples of shots with my tripod and remote control (of course with all of us into the picture). It turned out not that great but no complaint lah... hehehe...

The real compliant comes after... hehehe...

red color is actually cars back light... stucked in traffic to head out Putrajaya

After the shots, we were prepared to go back to the ERL station. Guess what? The traffic system out from PICC was sucks... hund I would said the organizer sucks too. We were asked to step down from one bus to catch another bus but the other bus was refused to allow us to go up. At the end we were asked to step up to the same bus and round the PICC again. Matt and I were so pissed off and we shouted at the organizer and the traffic controller. At the end, since Matt is an Ang Moh... they really paid respect to him and we got a bus headed back to ERL station. Matt was lucky to catch the last train back. Corine and I were struggling on the traffic out from Putrajaya.

Like a huge parking (on the way to the Toll exit to NKVE)

This is how the traffic look from Cyberjaya to the toll exit on NKVE. Corine has jammed in the traffic about 2hrs ... same as me roughly about 2.5hrs... moreover, i missed my the other nite out with my friends @ laundry bar :-(

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