Sunday, September 23, 2007

Observation to share ...

My friend Poohbearee has compose an entry regarding Funny (an amused observation in her work place). I copy this set of comment/observation from her and add on my comment / observation. Here you go my observation base on PoohBearee's statement... enjoy eh!

Poohbearee: We check our mailbox constantly for emails when out of the office.
TZ: try not to unless needed. I bet a lot of people don't check email when they are in the office ;-p

Poohbearee: We MSN one another to discuss about work when out of the office.
TZ: try not on the MSN :-p (hint: use status = away or offline when you see your boss signing in), i sometime do it... don't ask me why

Poohbearee: We SMS one another about work when out of the office.
TZ: I hardly received or sent SMS to my collague. Once a while, I did receive my boss's SMS.

Poohbearee: We blog about work.
TZ: Always do it when necessary to throw everything out from my mind (like clearing the rubbish / stress out of the trush bin...

Poohbearee: We think that working overtime is fun. (I nearly fainted when I hear this one!)
TZ: enjoy unless overtime is paid... too bad no overtime paid for me ... :-(

Poohbearee: We have one common idol.
TZ: Who? I don't notice that. But i notice my boss have 1 idol lah! which is not me *wink*

Poohbearee: We run and not walk in the office.
TZ: Run is a violation in my office so we have to walk

Poohbearee: We suggest that we hold hands and pray when we are desperate.
TZ: did not seems like happening in my office, i bet it worked for your office

Poohbearee: We speak in an insane manner and laugh loudly whenever we are stressed.
TZ: i think when we are stressed, every form of weird and unexpected positive circumstances will appear :-p

Poohbearee: I hope there is nothing wrong with us.
TZ: I don't think it is something wrong with us... we are human... we do thing differently... we analyse thing differently too and interpret thing differently as well... etc...

Just like what i written my comment corresponding to Poohbearee observation :-p

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