Thursday, September 13, 2007

Office was shaky this morning...

Oops! My chair was so shaky all of the sudden. Chinese belief that it was a bad sign for a shaky chair in the office. I think i about reaching the junction to make a change... :-p I felt shaky when i was having a discussion with my collague early this morning. After listening to the radio during lunch, i realized that there was a aftershock hit with 7.7 ritchel measured @ 7:55am (Malaysia Time) in Indonesia, exactly the time when i was having a meeting.

I still can't imagine how's the real earthquake felt... KL is so far from the epicenter and we have felt the shake... what if we were near to the epicenter... How many buildings will collapse and how many people will trap in the debris? Never wanna to imagine this... Anyway, i would pray for the people of Indonesia, hopefully they would be able to get help soon and all of them would be okay.

I'm glad Malaysia is not within the earthquake zone. Otherwise, we will be going to suffer and live in high risk zone.

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