Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Phuket & Phi Phi ....

Hurray, I'm going to resume my Thailand vacation planning :-)

Guess what? I will be going to Phuket & Phi Phi Island early October for about 7 days. Date is not confirmed yet as i still need to obtain my boss approval for my 5 days leave. My friend is okay to go with me on the period after we had discussed last night via phone...

One step nearer to Phuket. BTW, I just checked and the Air Asia ticket is only RM29.99 x2 (Return) not included tax. This is much more cheaper than during Hari Raya. I'm so excited to leave KL for a 7 days vacation @ Phuket / Phi Phi Island.

Will continue later... need to get back to work :-p


Shaz said...


The airport tax and fuel surcharge and all is gonna be at least around RM 300 one way i think!

Do let me know if its cheaper!
btw - Im at Fitness First as well! haha.. i've got a few frens who goes to DUptown Fitness First! Lets all go! :P

drop me an email. will revert back with my contact details!

TZ said...

Shaz: Return ticket included all the taxes is RM310.98 for KL-Phuket-KL if you go there on Oct 3rd and come back on Oct8th/Oct9th/Oct10/Oct11.

hehehe... I'm going to RPM tonite @ Damansara Uptown. Will drop you a mail... :-)