Saturday, September 8, 2007

Long Hour Friday...

I was working 12 hours shift last Friday, just to coupling with the Shift Manager to understand his job nature and observed on how he solved the problem / challenges together on studying what type of report he is using for the decision.

I went in to the office @ 6:30am and got the pass to go into the production floor. Met the Shift manager @ 7am and the works started. I was walking together with the Shift Manager in the factory production line and lots of meeting. Learnt a lot on the manufacturing floor. A tired day but filled with new knowledge :->

I need to compile all the notes and share the result with my boss later next week.


sbanboy said...

Rest while you can bro ... catch up someday

TZ said...

Just came back to KL yesterday (Monday evening)... :-) catch up with you later eh!