Saturday, September 22, 2007

Examination is over... hurray!

Finally, my examination is over... after a two days studied hard... i managed to have at least 80% confident to pass the exam. This is not necessary the case as it will also depends on all the participant whom takes the exam... they will have a bell curve to decide. Anyway, the result will be out in few week time... Let's see! BTW, Thanks to all my friends for wishing me luck for my exam... especially thanks to Sbanboy for texting me yesterday to encourage me and wishes me luck :-p Thanks Sbanboy...

Guess what i did after my exam... Shopping! I went shopping with Darrenzeger. We went to the newly opened Pavilion - a nice and modern mall in KL. This is the latest mall in KL... The mall is awesome. When we reached there, the Espirit was having a fashion show in the concourse area. We stopped there and look @ the fashion show. Lot's of photography fanatics were taking picture of the model as the models were doing the cat walk.

Walked around for about 1-2 hrs... finally we decided to hang around Planet hollywood for snack and beers / cocktails. We headed Isetan after our quick stop @ Planet Hollywood... Started our shopping spree. I bought lots of Nike stuff and one G2000 BLU polo shirt. Darrenzeger bought couple of clothing etc... We left Lot 10 @ about 7 something.

I sent Darrenzeger back after dinner...

A tired day with lots of new clothing for next week. :-)

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