Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Busy Tuesday @ Penang

I was extremely busy yesterday... no time to update my blog :-( ... All the backlog keeps piling up... everyone must have been thinking where is Putrajaya nite out Part II... coming soon eh! don't go away. Stay tune!

My Tuesday was a busy day as i have meeting back to back, in addition i need to rush from one building to another. The company that i worked for decided to cut down the shuttles frequency that link among buildings. This has placed an additional challenge to be in the meeting on time... I was so glad but tired when the clock hit 6pm, decided to hit the gym to rejuvenate.

I went to Fitness First Island Plaza. There were less people in the gym compared to couple months ago. I think most of them are still in vacation... I'm so envy them, vacation! me working lah :-) Anyway, I dropped by Alan's RPM class and nearly wanted to come out from the room after half way. I was so tired and my energy level was low too. In the end, i managed to complete all the tracks... Way to go TZ for staying back until the class ended.

Managed to say hi to Andrew, the PT manager @ FF-IP. He was practising his new Bodystep release. He invited me to go to the BodyCombat class together with him after my RPM. Due to my low energy, i decided to cool myself down and called it a day. Since it was still early, I decided to give the sauna and stream room a try. I never been to the Sauna and Stream room @ Fitness First. The Sauna is roughly like the Evergreen hotel but this is much more better... wow! the stream room was so hot and full of stream too. It was the hottest stream room i ever been... :-) Guess what? everyone came out when it reached an extremely hot and no one could stand.

I hang around the stream room for about half and hour, i took a shower and left the gym for my dinner. Dropped by Starbucks, took my dinner and headed back to the hotel. :-p


doc said...

you seemed to be running around a lot. i hadn't realise that doing the fitness thing is big business!!

TZ said...

Doc, i became fitness freak after my collague have given me this comment after they realize i'm so into working out in the gym. Anyway, i will be having a busy life from now till year end... :-> Will have a bit of travel too.

TZ said...

Doc, i'm not in fitness business... i like to go to the gym but fitness business will be a hot business in Malaysia for a decade from now... :->

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Hey...TZ, how long have you had the iPod? How's the battery life? Some friends tell me that the battery can last about 18 months only, and then you've to try to get it replaced. Any truth?

TZ said...

SS-Quah: I bought my iPod last year... not even 18 months. I do signed up for the apple plan which will cover the battery and ear phone for 3 years.

So far my iPod is running well but as usual it will hang and need to be reset sometime.