Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bolehland mega project in KL - Duta Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE)

Bolehland decision maker has planned on this highway two years ago... finally, the highway has come and it will be going to build near my condo... :-( I had a great concern on how safe is the highway building so close to the residential area. I strongly belief this will only happen to bolehland... if you have a chance to visit Canada, US and China... this scenery will not be seen as they make sure that all the highway will have a certain distance from the residential area. Bolehland decision maker, can we make this as a tourism place of interest?

How safe do you think if you are staying so near to the Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) [electricity] pyron?

Today, there was a case that one of the arm from the pyron fell into a house underneath it another hanging there tangling. This house has been here for nearly a decade but recently because bolehland government has approved a concessionaire to build a highway in an extremely constraint piece of land. So all the right a way has been used for the highway and the electricity pyron, what it left was nothing to the property besides this land. I'm not sure but i think the bolehland will be the first country which approve the pyron/electricity pole run parallel above the highway. What do you think? Is this safe for the road users? especially all the oil tanker... how much risk will this highway bring to the road users and the surrounding community? ... Bolehland decision maker will ignore all this safety related until something happened that involves life (20-30 people died because of some safety issue). Then they starts panic and come out all kind of fantastic explanation to answer questions ;-) This is because of mother nature ... hey mother nature, you had been blamed for taking people life you know ... what a joke right? Anyway, i would not wanna to comment too much here. Just see for yourself on some of the picture that i taken. I circled in red is the arm of the pyron.

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