Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Waiting for leaves to be approved... Phuket here i come

Boss... i deserve a vacation rite? :-> Please approve my leaves.

Anyway, i have planned out my vacation @ Thailand ... it will be a 7D/6N free & easy trip to Phuket / Phi Phi Island.
Day 1 KL- Phuket (arrived Phuket at 1300-local time)
--> Any suggestion what to do the rest of the afternoon.
Day 2 Phuket - Phi Phi (afternoon ferry to Phi Phi)
Day 3 Phi Phi : relax @ the beach / walking around Phi Phi island
Day 4 Phi Phi : Viking Cave and surrounding islands
Day 5 Phi Phi - Phuket (afternoon ferry to Phuket) Hanging out in the bar area @ nite.
Day 6 Phuket - Day trip / go for massage
Day 7 Phuket - KL (1600 - Local time, arrived KL @ 1815)

I have not worked out the detail, this is just a high level. My friend and i will decide what to do when we reach Phuket on day 1. Anyway, I will book the hotel and the ferry before we leave KL. Looking forward for my Phuket trip... hehehe... two weeks later i will be having my vacation @ Phuket Thailand. :-)
Hey boss... need your approval for my leave lah!...


winniethepooh said...

sounds wonderful!! i also wished to go...

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: I'm looking forward for the trip... wanna to become Leonardo who is the main character @ The Beach. Guess what? The 2nd picture is where they filmed the movie.

Will take lots of picture and share with you.

sbanboy said...

Wow ... wish I can tag along ... well someday I will go there :)

TZ said...

Sbanboy: Your wish will not come true lah... No tag along this round... You have to study hard for your Nov exam...

Guess what? Me... After tomorrow (Sept 22nd 2007) i'm done with my first module. Second Module exam will only be on Dec 8th 2007. So off i go for holiday. You study hard eh!... I will remind you from time to time :-p

Will plan a trip later to Vietnam... by then we could go together eh!... :->