Wednesday, December 31, 2008

flashback 2008 : December

An eventful month... there was ups and downs ... the ups were i met lots of new friends but the downs were that i could not get the project started and still stuck in KL... Sigh!

Anyway, let's don't talk about the downs in this festive season. The Xmas was @ this month... I was enjoying the holiday / festive season with meeting lots of new friends. The year ended with a enjoyable moment which i got invited to Bahija's Xmas dinner as one of my wish to Santa... Thanks Santa.

BTW, I also would like to thanks Twilight for giving me the nice Snowman.. hehehe I just wondered what Twilight going to draw for me on New Year as what he mentioned ... A lion?... muhahaha... Anyway, thanks Twilight... I would learn their language and culture so that i could wear like what you have drawn in the Snowman.

The year of 2008 is going to end in few hours ... I was enjoying every moment and i decided not to go to anywhere for any countdown. Just sitting quietly @ my balcony to view the splendid fireworks later... As of right now, I'm in Jaya-One to have my simple yet cheaper new years eve dinner i.e. Wendy's Burger.

Happy New Year to all my fellow blogger readers
Thanks for your support and see you next year


foongpc said...

Wow! You're going to write a flashback for every month of 2008? I'm too lazy for that! Haha!

Btw, here's something for you...

As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
And we all switch to high gears,
To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
So much so that I’ve made myself your Follower,
It does not matter whether you are far or near,
You’ve brought me much laughters and tears.

So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
Waiting for 2009 to appear,
Let me wish you now and here,
A very happy & smashing new year!!

: )

TZ said...

FoongPC: hehehe... No alcohol for me this year ... muhahaha :p I will be sitting @ my quiet Balcony to take picture of the fireworks in Downtown KL :p Dude, Happy New Year to you too :)

[SK] said...

cool!! 12 entries in a day!! so you must continue to have 12 resolution entries tomorrow for year 2009, hehe :p

happy new year dude~~

TZ said...

SK: hahaha..... lazy to write 12 resolution... I have only 1 resolution ... Go back to Uganda and get the project started :p

narrowband said...

Nice shot of the glass dude. I went through your flashbacks and you had quite a good year, considering the year ended so positively for you! Here's to continued good vibes and more joy in 2009! Happy new year to you!

TZ said...

Narrowband: thanks... and Happy New Year to you too.

Twilight Zone said...

Happy New Year dude. I was so damn sore coz had to attend a funeral, then car accident, police station and then went car shopping to get another car. I drew you a tribal bear for New Year!

TZ said...

Twilight Zone : Sorry to hear that some one you know has passed away... and then involved in an accident... I like the bear that your have drawn for me ... Thanks you very much!