Sunday, December 21, 2008

Massive Worldwide Underground 2008 @ UrbanAttic

There was a party happening @ Capsquare Downtown KL last night. Capsquare is a new shopping mall, bar area located near the old part of KL.

I was invited by the UrbanAttic to attend the Massive Worldwide Underground 2008 Party. It was a street party near the newly opened UrbanAttic (formely The Attic @ Bangsar). I didn't plan to go until Wednesday night. Since my friend would like to go to a party after his examination, i saw the invitation @ my Facebook. I just gave myself a tried and RSVP with both of our name... hehehe... I got it with the VIP entrance pass :p

We reached there @ about 6 something... it was still early, we decided to went over to Tapper Cafe for a light dinner. Later,  we walked over to UrbanAttic, got the pass and walked in to the party. It was drizzling outside and the crowd were not there yet. It's was empty and so boring. We ordered a jug of Long Island Ice Tea and chill out. 

No one was dancing in the dance floor due to the rain... I was taking this video clip from the VIP area as i got the VIP invitation. My friend and I were sitting @ the VIP section and it's within the UrbanAttic area.

Outside UrbanAttic

Inside UrbanAttic

The music was getting louder and louder, the crowd was slowly came in with all kinds of appearance...  there were a bunch of party animal with the mode of dancing the whole night long... My friend and I was sitting there checking out the environment and the people.... :)
Crowd @ the dance floor

Laser light @ the dance floor

By 11 something i was a bit drunk, so do my friend. We decided to leave the place and once i got home i hit the bed straight. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

When i woke up this morning, My head was so heavy and i was feeling the hang over from last night party. It was a nice party but i didn't enjoy much as it was too noisy and such a small group of us. Maybe it would be fun if we had a larger group. Anyway, I got two of my friends commented in my facebook that i didn't invited them for this party. Sorry guys! I will invite you for the party next time eh!... This was just a last minutes thingy... It's too rush and i just managed to get into the list 1 hour before the closing time. hehehehe.... 


[SK] said...

hmmm, i actually prefer street party more than house party.. at least the air is fresher.. :)

TZ said...

SK: hahaha... next round i will ask you out eh!... :p