Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flashback 2008 : October

It was an interesting month for me... I was in a new environment, new workforce, new country, new culture... what else? Everything seems like new the moment i stepped down from the plane. Oh ya! New faces too .... hehehe :)

My decision of leaving Malaysia for Uganda has took away my life in Malaysia... First of all, I need to really get used to the electricity interruption, then the mosquitoes that bother me for a week and nearly made me forgo my job in Africa... I would like to thanks to my dearest colleagues whom passed me the insect killer... Thanks Mary!... Many more interesting place and experience that i had within the month of October 2008.

Uganda independence day - October 9th 2008

Kasubi Tombs - the ceiling

Bahai Temple

TZ @ Uganda.... Detail on what happened in TZ's life on October 2008...

Stay tune for November 2008 flashback @ 22:00


QuaChee said...

wow i love the tomb! how long will u be there btw?

TZ said...

QuaChee: I will be there for 20 months and the 20 months have not started yet ... hehehe :)