Friday, December 19, 2008

Is our voice faded... or just got covered by the noise

This might be a lengthy entry... but please go ahead and spend some time to read through this as this is the voice of the resident who stay near the irresponsible DUKE Highway Construction company who polluted and took away the quiet moment of the residents ...

Noise Noise why are you following me... I wanted a quiet moment in the evening... but the noise was kept bothering me ... first is the party @ downstair of my condo, Secondly is a bunch of noisy people shouting away in the quiet Starbucks... but the worst was to have to bear with this Bolehland Mighty project Duke Highway construction noise pollution.

This is how the noise in the morning within the working hour slot everyday ... which i could not make too much of complain and the only place i could avoid this noisy is bunk myself in Starbucks everyday. Sigh!

When i came back in the evening... The noise continues... hey, how could this happen as the DBKL authority have already set guideline that there is no work after 6pm and no work on Sunday too...

Starting last Saturday night (Dec 13th 2008), the DUKE highway construction company has became worst...they has started to ignore resident's complain and just went ahead with the construction. The work overtime thingy has continued through until yesterday (Dec 18th 2008)... The noise was unbearable especially after a stressful day in the workplace ... when came back home still need to bear with the noise @ home.

December 13th 2008 - Saturday
DUKE Highway construction company has continued its operation until very late at night which they basically has ignored the resident's complain and came back with this text

" I have checked with my contractor no one is working. Maybe its the KTM project."

No doubt, there is a KTM project but there was not work done on that night. I was standing from my balcony and i could overlook who is working and who is not. Moreover, since when the KTM project went over to help out in the DUKE highway project ... what a joke!

And here is the truth and i took this from my balcony...

Please don't ask me what are they doing ... I'm not in the position to answer this question but even a kids also know they are working on something and it's definitely not KTM who were working... Is not a railway track eh!...

December 14th 2008 - Sunday
Sunday! no work day right? No! ... the construction still on with all the knocking, banning and even the machine... again, the resident did not have a peaceful Sunday... Sigh! Especially the condominium as voice travel up and amplified... the highest the louder it is ... again no action was taken ... construction still on.

Lots of knocking and hammering, sawing etc...

Crane is working on digging ... errrr... another noise pollution.

Even work @ Sunday night :(

December 15th 2008 - Monday
This was an interesting day ... why i say so? We received a notification on the text from our lovely DUKE Highway Construction company

"we are still concreting bored pile @ condo area. Pile 23m deep. Works delay due to drilling machine breakdown. Work expected to complete by 9:00pm. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. from XXXXXX"

I went back about 8pm what i noticed it was not only concreting the bored but they were doing all others stuff... And immediately the resident launched a complain again as it was too noisy even more noise then in the morning... It got worsen then the other two days. Basically they have totally ignored us... Just wondered whether is our voice got faded ... *Sad Sad* Again without failed i took couple of pictures. Btw, as a resident, shall we pity them as they were basically playing a fool on us... thought we don't know what is concreting the bored means... hey Duke Highway Construction project director.. please do not think we are dump... :-(

This is bored pile concreting... I agreed!

Is this bored pile concreting too beyond the ground... hahahah, joke of the year?

How about this ? Bored pile concreting eh!... What a big joke?

What were they doing? Only the DUKE Highway Construction Company knew...

Bird eye view of the construction company work over the allocated working hour

December 16th 2008 - Tuesday
Again ... the same thing happened in Tuesday... I was not at home so i didn't take any picture One of my friend from the neighborhood did took this picture shown that they were lying again on the concreting bored pile... Should we belief them again in the future ... What should we do to stop this nightmare?

December 17th 2008 - Wednesday
The Duke Highway Construction person contact basically switched off his phone... I could not get hold of him but i managed to get hold the operation director and commanded him to ceased the operation immediately as it's was over the limit. Already 5th day on the row. Later the committee has decided to wrote an urgent letter to DBKL to request the DBKL to enforce the guideline on this construction site....

Working after 6pm on bored pile... :( concrete truck still delivering.

Violated DBKL guideline - working over the 6pm

December 18th 2008 - Thursday
I went back about 8pm, still they were working as i managed to take another shots of light on construction sites... what are they doing? Please ask the DUKE Highway construction... wheather they tell the truth or not ? You have to judge yourself as the residents have lost trust on the construction company.

What are they doing? errrrr... I have no idea

December 19th 2008
Will they work overtime again ... Yet to know but i would say likely they will work overtime today too... given outside is raining now. Sigh! another day of none quiet evening.

Anyway, it's a nightmare for the residents near the DUKE Highway Construction site... With the lose control from the authorities has even placed an additional nightmare to the resident... I wish the authority could enforce the DUKE Highway Construction company to a bid to the construction working hour guideline and help the residents to gain back their peaceful evening. The residents in need of this as after the whole day of noise pollution and stressful day @ work.

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DBKL = Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur ( Kuala Lumpur City Hall)
DUKE = Duta Ulu Klang Expressway

Thank you for your time on reading through this lengthy entry and appreciate for your comments... :)


Bengbeng said...

Let us hope some body from the government hears the feedback from the people.

[SK] said...

but malaysians tend to be very forgetful about issues.. that is why most of the complaints and feedback are either put aside, or being washed away by time~~ :)

Lifebook said...

Sent all the pictures and SMSs to Star. I think the metro will pay a visit to you. Plus your area representative, and DBKL...

TZ said...

Bengbeng: there better have somebody from the government to hear our feedback eh! ....

SK: Malaysian tend to be very forgetful about issue but not me ... haahahaaaaa... I will follow thru especially it impact me and my community :p

Lifebook: Bingo! we have sent to DBKL and the area representative... we will be sending to the media if no improvement done from the authorities side... :p

foongpc said...

This is really a nightmare! Yes I agree report this problem to the media and let it be highlighted. otherwise, the construction company won't give a damn.