Thursday, December 11, 2008

Noise Pollution...

Annoying neighbor (not my direct neighbor) who were throwing a poolside wedding party... has produced unbearable noise pollution to the whole community. The music was blasted super duper loud as if i switched on my own radio @ my own unit. 

9:00pm: The moment i opened the door and walked into my unit... I heard loud music. I was surprised that my parent were listening to the radio... when i listened carefully it was some tamil songs... errrr... then i realized the sound was coming from downstair.

9:10pm: I didn't bother to make any complain as i was busy washing my gym clothing at the same time taking my shower. 

9:30pm: The music was getting louder and louder until i could not stand anymore... that's it TZ was going insane with the music if he's not complaining on the loud music. I straightaway picked up the intercom and called for the security guard @ the guardhouse.

Security: Good evening, May i help you? 
Me: Good evening... Yes! I just wondered is it possible to request the party organizer to slow down the music. 
Security: Sir, they are having the wedding party @ the poolside.
Me: I know...
Security: But sir... it's a wedding party...
Me: Wedding party, so what? they don't have the rights to blast the music and bother the whole community. I would suggest them to slow down the music immediately... (my tone was a bit unhappy, i belief the security guard felt that)
Security: Sir, let me handle and get back to you.
Me: Ok! Thank you for your help. 

I just hang up the intercom caller back to the wall. I told my dad that i would give the security guard about 15mins to settle the matter before i launched my 2nd complain. I patiently waited for the 15 mins.

9:45pm: The party was getting even hotter and the volume of the music was increasing rather than decreasing... moreover, the party organizer had triggered a mini fireworks @ the poolside which i personally thinks that it's too dangerous to have it especially within the 4 blocks of the high rise building. I was so pissed and tried to take a picture unfortunately i was too later. When i was about to call the security and launched the 2nd complain. The loudness music has slowed down. No complain needed :) 
Guess what? The security didn't even get back to me, anyway, they have solved the issue... 
Dear Security, thanks you for the quick response... 
The loud music didn't bother me anymore... 

10:15pm: The music was bearable and hardly could hear it from my room... Half and hour later the music has totally stopped. We have gained back the quiet Thursday night.

Anyway, I'm going to pay a visit to the management office to iron two main items
1. Request the management to have a house rules on how loud the volume of the music could be for every single party @ the poolside. In regardless of which day of the week.
2. No fireworks display within the premises. This is for safety concern. The condominium compound is too small to have fireworks display.

As i got up early today to drive over to Fitness First Axis for my gym session. I was planning to hit the bed as early as 10pm but until now i still could not fall asleep... i bet i was so pissed off with the noise pollution... sigh! 

What a noisy and pissed night!


Simon Seow said...

You want earplug?

Jian said...

yicks bro, feel for u la.. wonder wat good music they playing? u must be hearing a handful of that ei? :p oh and yes, when is ur birthday? i will DHL some EU-approved and biodegradable earplugs to u.. :)

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Your condo is soo bollywood...:)

TZ said...

Simon Seow: I ended up using my iPod :p

Jian: My birthday is coming... Can i request others present then a earplugs from EU?

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E : LoL... bollywood... good for party :p