Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flashback 2008 : November

I was back to KL again on November 2008. I was having lunch with different people everyday... everyone that i met seem like very interested about my trip to Uganda Africa... I was telling the my experience again and again... sound like the old grandma story... hehehe which make me think about Twilight... hehehe... :p

Anyway, I was enjoying my day off with all the activities, gym, eat, gym eat, gym and eat...once a while road trip... eat, gym, eat ...  my best achievement was to convince one of my friends who i tagged him as Mr.shy to start hitting the group exercise classes... Way to go Mr.Shy :-) You are no longer shy eh!

I was back to the same old life i.e. TGIF, Tony Romas, Starbucks, Hard Rock Cafe (HRC), Gym and gym and gym for the whole month of November... Guess what? i got my credit card statement and noticed that it got me lots of damages. So, i slow down and it has been a while i didn't hit those places like TGIF, Tony Romas but still going to Starbucks :) 

Anyway... i have enjoyed lots of  valuable time with all my friends... Detail on what happened in TZ's life on November 2008...

Stay tune for December 2008 flashback @ 23:00


QuaChee said...

that smile funny haha! :)

TZ said...

QuaChee: This is the signature presentation of Tony Romas :)