Monday, December 29, 2008

Seremban / Malacca Road Trip (2D1N) - Day 2 Review

We planned to hit Malacca in the morning after having my favorite Seremban famous Beef Noodles. 

Beef Noodles

Reached Seremban biggest Wet Market where the famous beef noodles located. Parked the car, paid @ the parking machine and headed to the Wet Market building... Before we hit the beef noodles place, we have to go through those fishy, meaty, greeny smell of a wet market i.e. A smell that you would not be fond of... Let's imagine how the three stuff mixed together ... what would you smell? :p

Anyway, I don't mind the smell as i was going to have the beef noodles.... Yummy! Unfortunately, when we reached there. The beef noodles was closed ... What? yes it was closed... not opened... *Sob Sob*... no Beef Noodles for TZ... I was so disappointed but could not do anything. I have no choice but tried out the other famous noodles i.e. Hakka Noodles which located on the other side... 

Hakka Noodles

Errrr... how was it? Not as nice as the beef noodles... still craving for beef noodles :p

Jonzz came by and met us @ the Hakka Noodles place. We had finished our breakfast and Jonzz would not wanna to take any breakfast. We left the Wet Market with TZ was upset for not getting his favorite beef noodles... Sigh! We followed Jonzz back to his house so that he could leave his car and hopped into my car for Malacca... 

Left Jonzz's house for Malacca... On the way to the highway, Jonzz brought us to his workplace i.e. a college on top of the hill... It was a nice college and the surrounding with all the superb landscaping. All i got is this sun flower photo... Sorry Jonzz... I didn't take any photo of the building. :p

Sunflower @ Jonzz workplace

Left Jonzz's workplace and hit the highway. It was a nice drive from Seremban to Malacca. Not much traffic...

We reached Malacca downtown, parked our car and walked over to the Stadthuys Square to snap some photo... but before we hit the square, we went into the St. Francis Xavier Church. My first time into this Church after so many times of visiting Malacca since young. It's a very beautiful church especially the Stained Glass ... *Two Thumbs Up*

Inside the St. Francis Xavier Church

Stained Glass in the church

Next stop, the Stadthuys Square.... before hitting the square we need to go through a row of red shop houses...
Red House

Red house Row

Christ Church

Stadthuys Square

We met another Malacca blogger @ Stadthuys Square. After meeting him we moved over to Malacca Museum and Porta De Santiago

Malacca Museum

Porta De Santiago

12:00pm: We stopped by the river side to have a nice and cold sour plum to beat the thirst after a long walk under the sun. 

Malacca River

Since we were hunger for food and our plan was to hit the famous chicken rice place. So we crossed the river and went over to the Malacca famous chicken rice ball shop. We managed to get a sit after standing there for about 15mins, it was crowded. 

People Queuing for Chicken Rice Ball

After our lunch, we decided to walk along Jonker Street...The famous Malacca Shopping area for tourist... Errrr... I'm not eager to shop as i have been to Malacca for so many times until i could be one of their local tour guide... :p Anyway, i suggested to drop by the nice Mosque and temples on the other side of Jonker Street. Since everyone was agreed, we detoured from Jonker to visit these two suggested place. 
Kling Mosque

Cheng Yun Temple

We were sweating after walking under the hot sun back to Jonker Street. What should we have to cool ourselves down??? hehehe... of course something cold. We headed to Jonker Dessert 88 for nice and famous Cendol durian and Baba red bean durian ice... Yummy! :p

Inside the restaurant - Crowded

Cendol Durian

We said goodbye to our Malacca blogger. Left Malacca back for KL... On our way back, we dropped Jonzz @ Seremban and headed back to KL... 

An half day tour in Malacca with lots of photo shots and nice food... It was a short, free and easy trip as a whole. We not covering too much of Malacca but we did took lots of picture. I think we should arrange more photographing outing trip in the future. Anyone interested to join for some photographing outing? hehehe... I was a bit sun burnt after walking under the sun for hours. Errrrr.... TZ became Sebastian The Lobster ... muhahaha :p 

More Photo of Malacca / Seremban 


foongpc said...

Nice photos! I especially like the St Francis Xavier interiot shots and the nice angled shot of Kling Mosque. And the cendol durian looks yummy!! : )

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E said...

Now I miss the chendol. So cooling and yummy...

[SK] said...

nice beef noodles and hakka noodles, make me drool i didn't have breakfast this morning.. and yaaaksss!!! you eat durians!!!

TZ said...

FoongPC: Too bad you could not join us for the road trip... Sigh!

K|E|E|N|Y|E|E: Exactly... I was craving for the cool stuff when i was under the sun... hahaha :)

SK: hehehe... you don't eat Durians?... Are you Malaysian? hahaha.... Anyway, I don't eat much 一点点 is okay for me... :-)

khengsiong said...

So you queue for the chicken rice?

I didn't. I went into another shop. Queuing under the sun is just crazy.

Bengbeng said...

oh i forgot abt the cendol in my post :)

i enjoyed the company n pic taking more than the cendol itself. it seemed great but not worth queue up for. by then u see i was oledi very tired n the weather was so hot. i wouldnt mind taking plain water any where else as long as I can sit down

foongpc said...

Yes, too bad! But there's always some other time : )

TZ said...

KhengSiong: hehehe... I didn't queue up too long. With my tourist look and act... we got the seat after 15 mins :p

Bengbeng: I'm glad all of us were picture taking... otherwise one of us will be very very very very bored... hahaha :) Cendol is not that good ... there is another one over the other side better... :p

Foongpc: Next time we will go for another road trip eh!... you like photography too?

QuaChee said...

kudos to malacca haha. u obviously enjoyed yrself :)