Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seremban / Malacca Road Trip (2D1N) - Day 1 Review

Since Bengbeng from Sibu came over to Kuala Lumpur. We decided to meet up and went for a short road trip. Initial plan was to Bukit Tinggi @ north East of Kuala Lumpur. Plan changed after i read Sbanboy's entry on his performance @ Terminal 1 Seremban on Dec 22nd 2008. After replanned with Bengbeng, we decided to pull over night @ Seremban. I gotta to cancel the carpool with Bahija... Sorry Bahija, I will make up later ... Thousand Apologies eh! 

Picked up Bengbeng @ Titiwangsa station downtown KL. Heading directly out from KL to Seremban. 

Reached Seremban, straightaway hit terminal 1. Finding parking @ terminal 1 was not a pleasant moment as the whole multi-storey carpark was full. Finally, we got the space on the roof top. Given a nice view, as the bloggers, Bengbeng and I were snapping all the shots that we could from the parking roof top.

View from Terminal Parking roof top

Dropped by the central stage to say hello to Sbanboy and headed for some food as Bengbeng was crying for food.

Back to Central Stage for the performance ... Met Jonzz before the stage performance starts.

Tata... start of the performance

Clip from the drama play

Sbanboy's Performance (singing solo)

I couldn't record Sbanboy performance but just to let all of you what Sbanboy sung was this song "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Gorban. I would like to give Sbanboy a *clap clap* and *Two Thumbs Up* Bravo!

We congratulated Sbanboy and gave him the "Two Thumbs Up" on his performance and we also met Fable Frog (Froggie). 

Left Terminal One to check-in to Lotus hotel near Kemayan square. Bengbeng and I just checked into this hotel for a nice before heading Malacca the next day.

We went with Jonzz's car to a restaurant for its fish head noodles opposite the happening place @ Era Walk Seremban. Jonzz was doing the orders... 

Seremban famous Fish Head Noodles

Stir Fly vegetable 

German Pork Knuckles

Guess what? Jonzz dare me to eat like this for the pork knuckles... Bengbeng was so excited to take a picture of me if i would be eating like the photo... hahaha... Bengbeng and Jonzz, you have no luck as i was not in a mood to eat like what i did few months back... :p

We chat for at least 2 hours to know each others ... what a pleasant and nice chat to know each other further.  :)

Since Bengbeng and I wanted to take some night shots of Era Square and Era Walk. We walked over to the place from the restaurant that we had dinner.

Era Square + Era Walk not = Era FM... :p

What walk ? Era walk... 

Is this empire State building in New York? What do you think?

Jonzz was showing us how to set the camera to Aperture auto for the fountain taking ... my shots turned out to be nice... What do you think? I learnt something new with the night out with Jonzz... :)

Silky smooth Fountain

We left Era Square / Walk and sent Froggie back to his house. Then Jonzz dropped us back to the hotel that we stayed. It was a fruitful evening in Seremban.

More picture on Seremban @ tz-photo

Coming up.... Day 2 Review --> Malacca


Medie007 said...

wow dude
u sure did enjoy urself there. ;)

Jian said...

really can't help but to wanna pull back the lady in the 1st pic.. gonna pok kai dy leh~ and damn u la bro.. put all those yummy pics.. $@#%!@%$#@$!@, hope it ain't too late to wish ya a belated sexy macho Xmas~

TZ said...

Medie007: Too bad you have a class... otherwise you could follow us for the road trip.

Jian: Dude, Never too late to receive Xmas present from you... I want a 42" LCD Flat Screen TV... Can ah?

William said...

Froggie is the highlight of any Seremban trip!

TZ said...

William: It happen Froggie pay a visit to watch Sbanboy's perfomance... Got a chance to meet up Froggie :)

Bengbeng said...

it was indeed a pleasure to meet up with all of u. i am so glad we decided to go to Seremban n Melaka

TZ said...

Bengbeng: I'm glad you enjoy going to Seremban and Malacca... ;)