Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tallest twins in the world...

Who are the tallest twins in the world?

Petronas Twin Tower

After shooting @ the old part of Kuala Lumpur... My buddy and i took a train over to the new part of Kuala Lumpur... Managed to captured couples of picture during the train ride.

Inside Subway

Without wasting anytime, took couples shots on the Xmas decoration inside KLCC ... and we headed outside 

The roof of the KLCC Suria Mall

KLCC chilling children playgound

Looking @ the children splashing the water under a hot sun... errrrrr... it's so hot, i also wanna to jump into the water. Unfortunately, the pool is only for children. Moreover i don't have my swimming trunk with me... and no nude swimmers are allowed .... Sigh!

Looking at so many peoples enjoying the cool water @ the pool... and the park was full of people. We decided to move on to another area of our photographing session i.e. the famous Bintang Walk (i.e Pavilion).


[SK] said...

maybe Dubai will build another Burj Arab soon.. hahaha!!

Chester said...

nice pics :)

Jayce said...

Oh, I did not know that KLCC has chilling children playgound. Anyway, just went there once. And in a hurry. :P

TZ said...

SK: hahaha... wait till dubai build one... Petronas still the tallest Twins.

Chester: Thanks dude!

Jayce: Chilling children Playground... you are so execited but unfortunately you could not enjoy it ... too bad! I wanted too but ... :p

foongpc said...

I like your Twin Towers shot! (the first one with the fountain and clouds in the sky). Why, you want to swim nude in the pool meh? : )

TZ said...

FoongPC: Thanks Dude! I never try swimming nude in the pool before... how it feel? hehehe :-p

QuaChee said...

till today the towers are magnificent :)

TZ said...

QuaChee: Yup the twin towers still very nice with all the surrounding building and greenery.