Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flashback 2008 : July

I was having a nice retreat vacation to this private island called Gem island near the Kapas Island @ the state of Trengganu... I was a bit fed up with my new job which was not started at the given time... Since i was so bored ... decided to go for a holiday... This holiday was decided in a short time... search, decide, purchase and go... i.e. Tuesday night bought the AirAsia air ticket, Wednesday paid the resort package, Thursday flown off to Kuala Trengganu... hehehe :-) Anyway, it was a nice holiday...  Gem island Day1, Day2, Day3, Final day.

July 20th 2008, I was so glad to get this opportunity to work @ a charity event... It was the breast cancel foundation charity thingy... How i contributed to this event? hehehe... I contributed to the charity in the form of being the photographer on the Bachelor Auction day @ Westin Hotel... This was the first time i became the photographer of the day covered for such event snapping away all different kind of pictures. It was a great experience and learning... :)

Detail on what happened in TZ's life on July 2008...

Stay tune for August 2008 flashback @ 19:00


QuaChee said...

wow the place looks nice! :)

TZ said...

QuaChee: Gem Island is a nice place .... I like that place so much... it's a one resort one island... :p