Friday, October 17, 2014

Coffee place : Coffee Bene @ Jaya shopping center

I was having International Business class last week Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, i reached PJ still early and i decided to drop by Jaya Shopping Center to chill before class.

I came across this Korean Coffee Place named Coffee Bene.
To be honest, I was drawn by the board with flash your phone with DIGI and you will get 50% of on the selected drink.

Guess what? from the list i saw Ethopia, Kenya, Brazil, Columbia and Sumantra. I ended up chosen Kenya coffee...

Kenya coffee with milk
This coffee place was very quiet when i was there and their coffee taste very nice. Definitely, i will be going back to this coffee place.


Twilight Man said...

I start liking all the Korean cafes that sprout around KL. They have nice ambiance, good service and good coffee! Try the one at Sri Hartamas!

Jay Lee said...

hihihihi, so long no visit!

great that you are enjoying life!

TZ said...

Twilight Man: I will visit and try the cafe there @ Sri Hartamas. One issue in SH is parking.

Jay Lee: Welcome back. Great to see you appear in my blog again :)