Thursday, October 30, 2014

On ordering Dominos Pizza online...

Once a while i order Domino Pizza online... this is an easy and quick way to get my food rather than i go out to buy my food. Of course i need to pay a higher price for people to deliver the meal to the doorstep in regardless sunny or rainy.

After finishing the online order, you will come across this interesting screen. i.e. GPS tracker.
Yup you may track your pizza... ;-)

Where is my pizza now? hehe... Baking~

How accurate is this tracker? To my experience, i would give it 80% accuracy. But once a while it will haywire especially when the outlet is busy.

Anyway, with or without the tracking tools, i should be able to get my pizza within 30 mins. If not i will get a LATE compensation.

Do you order from Domino before? What do you think about the tracker?

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