Thursday, October 9, 2014

#A34 Aras Level B1

Do you ever get lost in the middle of a huge basement carpark which you don't know where you parked your car earlier? Especially after an excited shopping in a huge shopping mall.

Few ways people remember where they park their car... 

Way #1 - You remember where you come out from the carpark, which door you walk into the mall. Later you have to go back the same door. How to remember? Remember by shops~

Way #2 - You take a snapshot of the pillar where your car is? Remember the route back to the pillar, in case you forget, still can ask around.

Way #3 - Remember the pillar by heart and ask the buggy service send you to the pillar/car parked 

Which other ways you have come across? Of which way you usually do to find where your car parked after your exciting shopping in the mall.


Adlexus said...

It's now been happening so frequent to me! Getting lost it the in thing. Well snapping a pic is thebest choice..haha

Small Kucing said...

usually for me it's Way 1.

TZ said...

Adlexus: Technology has made human to rely on them. Isn't it sad case? Sigh~

Small Kucing: *two thumbs up* for you. I still using this way but something if i plan to go back pass 10pm. I usually will use way #2. ;-)