Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween night 4 @ Universal Studio is back!!!...

Have you been to the Halloween night @ Universal Studio?... If you haven't been, i would recommend you to do it at least once.

I went for the Halloween night 3 @ Universal Studio last year... I think i didn't blog about my encounter. But it's a very impressive horror night @ Universal Studio. Anyway, it was very scary and the environment setup as if it is real. The sound, the smell, the lighting and the decoration. Not to mention, the people that put on make up, walked around you and all of the sudden, they were besides you... Muhahaha~SCARE?!!!

Unfortunately, this year i don't have any available weekend in October to go down to Singapore. All my weekends are filled with something that i need to accomplish. My routine, my mama routine, my MBA classes, my MBA exams, my weekend getaway but not Singapore, blah blah blah... So no time for Halloween Night #4 @ Universal Studio in 2014 but i'm going to plan for 2015. See you next year eh~

Anyway, let's watch the complete walk through about this year Halloween Night #4...

Excited to go?
Scare to go?


Weithian Poh said...

Hi, i know this is abit old, but i stumble across your blog when i was searching about APICS-CPIS programme, I tried sending you an email but to no avail.

So i was hoping you could help me with more details on this course available in KL.

Thank you in advance

William said...

A spook fest?

Small Kucing said...

sounds going to be exciting

The Yum List said...

I bet that's a lot of fun!

TZ said...

WeithianPoh: The lecture that taught me APICS_CPIM has passed away last August. I searched in the internet and I believe the training school has closed. Maybe you can go down to Singapore for your training.

William: Go and have a try since you are in Singapore ;-)

Small Kucing: Yes... do you scare of ghost?

The Yum List: yes~ indeed.