Wednesday, October 15, 2014

TZ's Unhealthy period

TZ has skipped gym since last Thursday due to replacement MBA weekdays night class. After work, TZ rushed for 6:30pm class from Wednesday till Friday last week. TZ went to gym after class on Wednesday, there was the last workout TZ has for 45 mins until 11pm.

Saturday and Sunday was away from City of Potholes to Penang... No gym in Penang that can take TZ's membership. Fitness First closed down already.

Monday, Oct 14th 2014 - Attending MBA class again until 10pm. It was too late to go to gym.
In addition, TZ felt hungry after the class and drove over to McD @ Plaza Mont Kiara for a snack...  Errr... not really snack but a quarter pounder set dinner. Oops~

Quarter Pounder set
So, it's really unhealthy eh~


Anonymous said...

fitness first in penang closed? that's surprising.

TZ said...

Dear Zach: I think the location of the gym might have cause Fitness First close. Anyway, Penang people more likely looking at the cost instead of brand~

Anonymous said...

didn't know penang ppl are such cheapskate. lol

Twilight Man said...

Penang folks have so many hills to walk and climb for FREE!!
I am from Penang and know their mindset. They would always say RM200 fee could serve me 50 bowls of noodles!!!

Anonymous said...

i guess .. people who could afford to go such luxury gyms are always rich people? that makes sense now.