Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sawadee Kub - Learning Thai Kub

I have been planning to learn Thai since my first trip to Bangkok i.e. few years ago. Until today, i haven't really started my Thai learning class. This is because i was tight up with weekend getaway and MBA courses.

Two weeks ago, I was in KLIA2 and passed by a bookstore which i saw Lonely Planet Language pocket book... It has drawn my attention...

The book has a good explanation of the Thai language and the grammar of Thai language. It's interesting that the grammar formation is totally different from English. While learning the grammar of Thai language, i could understand why some Thai people speaking broken English, because they did the direct translation from English. So in another words, i'm speaking broken Thai :p

Anyway, with the helping of the technology, my Thai friend and I are using Whatsapp to communication and he is teaching me Thai language via whatsapping... So, I'm not sure how fast i can learn? but i'm still not able to speak as i don't pronounce it. But At least i learn some basic way of communicate with the local >.<

Anyone know what is this means?
Khun na rak kub

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