Sunday, October 19, 2014


Have you hear about CoreBag?

My Personal Trainer (PT) is using this for our training session on Saturday morning

It's not a handbag like Couch, LV etc, not a tote bag, not a plastic bag, not environmental bag that you can handle your grocery. So what is Core Bag?

Are you ready for me to review CoreBag... A new bag in the world that you can build your muscle, lost fat and workout your abs. 6 packs? Hmmm.... you may try ;-)

Which one are you going to choose? 25KG or 33LBS?

Now, let me show you a video on how this works eh~


Twilight Man said...

You have signed up so many PT but any changes?

Anonymous said...

how much u paid for your PT?

Small Kucing said...

no leh...first time hearing

TZ said...

Twilight Man: Do i look different?

Dear Zach: 30 sessions for RN2,700

Small Kucing: No very common, only hardcore gym goer will know ;-) So don't worry eh~