Sunday, October 5, 2014

No more free ride @ Starbie...

Hey what do you mean free ride?... do you remember those days you can choose NOT to get a drink yet cannibalized the internet connection bandwidth with you huge "i" thingy... but today, all this free ride has called to a STOP... yup a big STOP for Starbie.

If you notice, accessing the internet connection on Starbie network needs code... a code that you can find in the bottom of the receipt...

  1. Do not throw away your receipt after collecting your drink... You free internet connection is in this piece of paper.
  2. One code per connection, if you have more than one device, too bad you have to drink two drinks... cause one code per device. 
  3. One drink one code, one person one drink... Don't expect to have one person buy a drink and four person take the ride. 
  4. Stop thick skin people whom just sit down and start skype with their family members away from home. You know who i'm talking about... (unfortunately i could not understand their language to further understand the conversation) It's will be interesting if i could understand their language. 
Good move Starbie eh~
Now we could eliminate those annoying free riders~


Anonymous said...

good move indeed.
I really don't get why starbuck is the most popular spot for people to check out people. They were like sitting there, eyeing up someone, occupying the spot when others are needed it.

TZ said...

Dear Zach: To see and to be seen ;-) I think not only happen in Starbie but anywhere. ;-p