Monday, October 20, 2014

Exam is coming to town

You better watch out, you better get prepared,
cause exam is coming to town.

Yup~ My MBA exam is coming to town. On the way from Australia... ;-) This semester examination schedule was a disaster. 2 exams are scheduled in a same day. 5.5 hours of exam in total~

Maybe because of my Project Manager - professional instinct, I have given the coordinate an heads-up that we have to plan the examination schedule upfront as the examination actually dropped on Diwali timeframe. Unfortunately no one bother to take into the consideration of this clash.

Few weeks back, the challenge has arose and for those whom celebrates Diwali found difficulty to have the exam especially Diwali eve. They started to panic and requested the coordinate to change the timing... too bad it's too late~

No more ranting and talking...

Let's get to work and prepare for EXAM eh~ 


Small Kucing said...

Jiayoh *kick kick* move it move it move it.....start reading

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Thanks Thanks~