Thursday, October 2, 2014

Huh? You haven't been to Hong Kong...

What so surprise I haven't been to Hong Kong...

During the brunch on last Sunday with four friends, we were talking about the up coming Hong Kong Trip in end of Oct. Four friends of mine have a very surprise facial expression when they heard me said "I haven't been to Hong Kong"

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4 friends: Huh? You haven't been to Hong Kong
Me: Yup, I haven't been to Hong Kong, but I have been to Hong Kong International Airport for many times, transiting to US. How's Hong Kong?
friend: You will like it but bare in mind, you might feel catastrophic because of many peoples squeeze into a small cubic of land and full of tall buildings too.
Me: Is it like Tokyo? *I been to Tokyo and found it very systematic, not an issue for me*
friend: Not really, not so systematic too. With the PRC, Hong Kong might be even messy now. 
Me: Oops~
friend: You will see when you are there...
Me: Hope my exam schedule will not clash. 
friends: *everyone silent for a few seconds* Sigh~

I'm looking forward for the Hong Kong trip but unfortunately i was stuck with not able to buy ticket due to my exam schedule yet to be confirmed. So now just have to wait for the confirmation, so i could grab the air ticket and leave for Hong Kong....

Dear coordinate, please CONFIRM my exam schedule eh~. Thank you!!~


Small Kucing said...

I have never been to HK too leh

Twilight Man said...

You are weird.

TZ said...

Small Kucing: Then must plan a vacation to HKG. People said it's nice. So more Small kucing can go Disneyland ;-)

Twilight Man: Weird. Meaning?