Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee Place : Three little birds

The Three Little Birds cafe located in a very unique place @ D7 Sentul (YTL new business center). The D7 building is a contemporary style building with a small garden inside the building which make Three Little Birds cafe different from other cafe in the city.

Three Little Birds cafe has the privilege to use the garden which allows its patron to sit outside the table surrounding with greenery plants.

Inside the cafe
Simple interior design with the strong coffee smell has drawn a coffee lover like me to wanna to try their coffee. I asked the staff for its signature drink, the staff introduced me to the white chocolate coffee... Nice but a bit sweet as I like more coffee taste.

White Chocolate Coffee
My friend ordered the CHAI... So what is CHAI? It's tea latte~

The environment is stunning, coffee wise is so so~
Anyone been to Three Little Birds?


Small Kucing said...

nope never been

TZ said...

Small Kucing: You cannot go, later three little birds fly away ;-)