Saturday, October 11, 2014

We Run KL 2015 - Coming soon

My friend whatsapp me this announcement below...

Wow~ first time Nike Run is 21km... Usually i run 10km only.
So, i whatsapp another friend of mine to ask whether he want to participate.
Me: Yo dude, you want to run WE RUN KL 21km
my friend: 21km not 10km? Actually can also... (my friend has run 21km multiple time)
Me: yup it's 21km no more 10km. Maybe this can be my FIRST 21km.
My friend: hehe~ So you will help to register?
Me: Yes~ I could but hopefully i can get two...
My friend: ok. thanks :)

I have a bad experience during the 2012 run. I spent almost the full day to try to register 4 persons. Ended up i could only register two person and the slots have filled. The multiple attempt has gotten me to give up but eventually i still running strong to complete my mission.

Again~ not sure this year registration but hopefully will be smooth. BTW, why can't they using the Singapore system. Pre-tag and they will send a mail and give the person a range to pay and update their information.

Who is planning to run?


Twilight Man said...

No thanks dude. My hair will drop.

TZ said...

Twilight Man: why your hair will drop ;-)