Saturday, November 10, 2007

I went for movie with my two friends (Corine and Matt) @ Mid Valley Mega Mall. We met about 12pm and line up for about 1/2 hours for the seat. Initially we wanted to watch Stardust but unfortunately they only left the front two rows. So we decided to switch to the other movie Lions for Lambs. The movie was quite nice but the story line was too slow. I felt asleep and so did Corine... :-p Overall, I would rate the movie 3 out of 5.


winniethepooh said...

hvent been watching movie for a while..the last was 'the game plan' that we was ok..

TZ said...

Winnie: Lions for Lambs is a little boring if you don't like those movie with less action and need all the concentration on each of the statement they made. Have to use some brain power too :-p