Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Crazy nite @ Souled Out

Team Night Out Event
date : Nov 16th 2007
Time : 1930-0100
Location : Souled Out @ Desa Hartamas

It was a sad day for all of us whom work in the same company with me. Couple of my colleagues have planned to throw a small party to say goodbye to those who were leaving on that day ended to become a 30+ peoples event... This was a surprise turned out. Anyway, here's some pictures taken on that nite and a video clip that everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves with the music. Of course including me... ;-p

A long table from one end to another (longer than last gathering)
This is the crazy bunch!
Let's toast (evil thinking - someone should get wet)

It's my life! You have no rights :->

We ended up spent about RM2000+ for the whole party. Here were what i had for drink...
2 Long Island Ice Tea
1 Mijito
1 Primm #10

Total drinks : 4 cocktail

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