Monday, November 26, 2007

MAC BOOK by Apple

I'm researching and looking to own a MacBook by Apple. I came across a couple of model which i'm interested but the price is actually on the high side. So, I'm still calculating my budget for owning a MacBook.

Here are the shortlisted model that i would like to own, have to choice one of it ( Most probably i will choose the black one i.e. MB063X/A)

2.0GHz MacBook(MB061X/A)
2.2GHz MacBook(MB062X/A)
2.2GHz MacBook(MB063X/A)

Link to the detail configuration:

Then, my friend just sent me an interesting picture about Apple... the mail title stated "FW: Going CRAZY -Transparent screen by APPLE!!!" So what i noticed from the snapshot that attached with his mail. My first reaction is that all the laptop are awesome! With the new technology or design, we no longer need to twist our head to view what has happened to be hidden from our view which happened in front of us... No laptop screen blocking the view in the future if this comes into reality.

What do you think? Cool Eh!


keeyit said...

MacBook expensive lo
I only can afford Dell.. :(

TZ said...

Keeyit: Agreed... MacBook is expensive but trendy wor!

sbanboy said...

But once u use a Mac ..... you will never look back :)

TZ said...

Sbanboy: It's true lah, i like my iPod Video so much... :-> No looking at other MP3 player like creative... :-p Will join the Mac club later hehehe...

Jasonmumbles said...

I remember there was a post/site that teaches you how to do this. Apparently, its a wallpaper with the same screen as the background.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Go with Jobs. It has everything - plus more - that Gates can offer. It took me more than 20 years to make the switch and I'm not regretting it a moment!

narrowband said...

LOL I tried doing it with my laptop before. I manged to fool some of my friends. Haha. It's a cool trick but requires some trial an error - depending on the complexity of the background.

I can't afford a Mac too.. and I'm afraid of compatibility-related issues especially now that I'm using alot of Windows-based applications, including some engineering-related software and tools. I guess Macs are most suitable for people in the advertising, designing and the creative line.