Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leaving for Penang / Kulim again ...

I'm waiting for my colleague to pick me up @ KL Sentral. Going back to Penang / Kulim for another three days. Lot's of people asking me why am i coming back for the weekend. The reason i was back to KL yesterday... i have promised my cousin that i would attend her wedding reception last night. So i did... traveling 4 hours back to KL and today another 4 hours back to Penang. What a tiring weekend but it is worth. I had an enjoyable night on my cousin wedding :-)

Gotta leave now... blogging from KL Sentral.

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winniethepooh said...

hope u enjoyed urself at the wedding and it must hv been a beautiful wedding. :) i'm sure ur cousin is touched by ur gesture isnt she? ;)