Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jam! Jam! everywhere!

There were a serious traffic jam in downtown KL this morning. Cars were not moving, like a huge car park @ Jalan Kuching towards the city center. I was stuck at the junction of coming out from my Condo. Then i decided to re-route to Jalan Duta to try the faster way to go and hit to the office @ Cyberjaya. Unfortunately, when i hit Jalan Duta, the jam has started straight after the interchange to the NKVE until the tunnel. This is a massive jam that i never encountered before. But luckily I still have my favorite station: RedFM accompanied me throughout the whole journey to the office.

The RedBreakfast morning show hosted by Will. He is very humous and the morning show is very informative. Tune in to RedFM every Monday-Friday 0630-1000 to listen for yourself. For those people not in Malaysia... you could tune in via internet :-p


keeyit said...

Because of smart tunnel close ?

Anonymous said...


a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic; used especially as a dip for pita; originated in the Middle East

So the deejay is some kind of spread?

TZ said...

Keeyit: Not sure what had happened... :-)

Anonymous: hehehe! maybe he could be some kind of spread when we are having Jam :-p