Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is safety a concern?

Since the construction of Duta Ulu Klang Expressway (DUKE) started two months ago. There were lots of complaints and inconveniences caused by the construction of this highway in my neighborhood and the rest of the neighborhoods. Safety is always a concern from the resident near the construction area... but for the past two months, safety did not seem likes one of the focus area by the highway authority and the construction management / company.

I'm upset with all the safety caution / steps that the management have taken within the construction sites and its environment. The construction company did not take into the consideration on the safety of the resident as the heavy vehicle such as cement trucks were carrying out the load in and out from the entrance near the residential area. This entrance is the entrance that would post a life threatening to the young children whom stay in the surrounding area. Why? The cement trucks were driving throught the narrow resident road and this road is quite busy with cars, cyclists and people walking in the sideway near the houses. In additional those people whom stay in the house within the area would also risk their life as well when they reverse their car out from the yard.

Here you go the short clip that i took from my balcony...

My neighborhood was so disappointed as we had raised this up when we had the meeting with the highway authority and the construction company not to use the entrance near the residential area. I wish the highway authority and the construction company could act on this before something has happened or any of the resident life has been taken away by the heavy vehicle.

Be proactive and be safe.


Jayce said...

Hmm... Really need to be careful o.

TZ said...

Jayce: I'm staying way high up the sky... This clip was taken from my balcony. Anyway, i pity some of my friends whom stay along the road.

The residents of the neighborhood have launched quite a number of reports but no action has been taken. :-(

Ignoring is the word that i would like to describing this situation. Wait till something happened then blame comes next and action later.