Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm feeling unmotivated since yesterday... I felt everything seems like moving very slow. This Friday is the deadline for making the final decision whether i'm going to move on with the company or leave the company with the compensate package.

Although i have make up my mind earlier to take the compensate and leave my current company but i don't know why i don't feel comfortable with the decision. I'm struggling to move my leg out of my current company after 7 years of service in this particular company. Anyway, TZ you gotta make the call... :->

I think it is very obvious the environment has hinting me to move on. Reason being is that before my final decision, my fellow co-workers in other sites have already hinted me and wanted to take over my job. So what am i going to do if i choose to relocate to Penang/Kulim? Moreover, I did not see the 1-3 years plan of my career path which i requested earlier from the management... is this the hint that asking me to leave the company?

Anyway, I think it will be better for me to move on to a new company... a new start might be a better for my future too... (at least i don't need to see the same faces for the past 7 years and the same faces for the coming 7 years :-p ).

Life gotta move on... Need to get ready to go to the office right now.


Anonymous said...

Hi bro,

I think one most important thing you can use to assess your decision is that "Am I passion enough to grow along with this company"? If the compensation package is good enuf and can finance you for certain period until you find wan, I guess it is time to move on. Further, your 1-3 years plan haven't been satisfied and are you ready to be relocated? Anyway, it just my opinion based on information you shared. Above all, I believe you'll surely make better decision. Start analysing bro!

TZ said...

Dalantau: Thanks bro. Agreed. It's true that i should think whether i have passion to grow with the company any more. No doubt the company that i worked with is a good company... Anyway, I will be drafting a mail to the HR on taking the package. I have made up my mind after i thot about it this afternoon @ Starbucks.

winniethepooh said...

i guess we will know soon when u hand in ur final decision :)

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: All the decision has to be in HR mailbox before last Friday. My decision to take the package and leave the company is final! Regret or not? Yet to see :-> But i don't think i will regret... hehehe...