Friday, November 23, 2007

Is this your dream car?

Picture captured from Lexus official website @ Malaysia
Car model : LEXUS SL460L
Price: Guess!

Last Wednesday, i got the invitation from my Citibank Personal Banker which provide an opportunity for me to visit the Lexus Center @ Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia (nr The Curve). There were a talk about Climate Change fund and some introduction on the 4 Lexus Model which available in Malaysia. It was a simple 2 hrs event and i learnt from the talk about Lexus and the fund.

Are you impress with this car? Is this your dream car? I was impressed when i viewed the real unit @ the center. I'm dreaming now... I bet the next question you will ask me... How much is this car? What do you think? Guess!

Here is some price that help you...
a. RM204,000
b. RM305,000
c. RM460,000
d. RM767,000

Which is your answer?


Ray said...


Your dream car's MSRP in US is $71,500.00. In Malaysia, my guess is D.. er. final answer.

TZ said...

It's so expensive over in Malaysia... you're right it costs RM767,000. so r u going to own one in US?

winniethepooh said...

i like lexus cars :) but well, too bad, for me, that amount of money can put downpayment for a lexus, that has to wait :P

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: For me, I rather invest my money to the house then a car... especially car like this. With my current status, no way to own this car :-p