Sunday, November 25, 2007

Meeting a friend from Penang

My friend Vail just dropped by from Penang for a weekend. He arrived last night and we decided to meet up for lunch today.

Our initial plan was to meet up @ KLCC after my bodypump class with Jackson Ng @ 12-1pm Fitness First Menara Maxis. Guess what? Because of the Hindraf rally... the road to KLCC was closed. I could not even managed to drive into Jalan Tun Razak, at the end, i was forced to exit into Jalan Pahang and re-route. I called up Vail to change venue as KLCC was not a good choice. (Later, i only realized @ the news when i was back from the Curve... the 8pm news was showing how the people have gathered @ KLCC area, and how the police chased the people out from that area, It's that serious thot!)

Anyway, we managed to change our venue to The Curve. I was suggesting Mid-valley instead as i could picked Vail up in one of the station but Vail insisted to meet up @ the Curve. I really pity Vail as he needs to travel from Pandan Indah to The Curve with public transport. After we have confirmed with The Curve, i re-routed and drove to The Curve and hit the Fitness First The Curve. Workout for about 1.5 hrs and took my shower. At the same time, Vail left his apartment and travel via LRT --> Putra Link --> lastly took a shuttle from Kelana Jaya to The Curve. The whole trip took him about 2.5 hours... what a day for him?

At the end we finally met up @ about 3pm and decided to drop by my favor place: TGIF The Curve. We were served with a nice seat overlooking the crowds lining up in front of Big Apple Donuts for buying donuts (Can someone tell me why people tends to line up for Donuts?). We started with some finger food and hit the main dish after that. Of course lots of chatting too. Oh yes! Vail is a newly met friend during my last trip to Penang.

We had a great late lunch and heading out from the Curve at about 6pm. Dropped Vail @ the Titiwangsa station and headed home. Managed to get Vail's text and understand that he reached home about 7:30pm which is about 1 hour journey. But guess what? the Star LRT was so packed according to Vail.

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