Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TZ's bad day... double hits

This morning i was so unmotivated before i headed to office... it was a groomy day in Kuala Lumpur as there was a raining and wet morning. I posted an entry on how i felt this morning before leaving my condo.

Guess what? When i passed KL Sentral exit, suddenly my wiper started malfunction and the car was not moving very smooth a little bit choking. I drove quite a distance with beared with the condition but still able to control until i hit the seremban highway, the rain started to get heavier and i have no choice to pull over @ the gas station and waited for the rain to slow down before continue my journey. Trying to get the wiper working but unfortunately failed, Anyway, mother nature has given me opportunities to chat with those motocyclists for at least 1/2 hr. They also thought that i was a motorcyclist in the beginning but after i explained that i drove a car... then they were so curious why i have to wait for the rain to slow down too. No joke, i really felt what the motorcyclists felt during rainny day.
Anyway, after the rain slowed down, i decided to give my boss a call and get a day off... drove all the way to my mechanic and my mechanic checked the car and fortunately i still could drive as the wiper has broke down and some wire has short circuit which i was lucky the car did not brokedown totally... Since, i need to wait for my car to be repaired and ready, i decided to drop by my hairdress to get a hair cut.
Had lunch with my dad and settle all the outstanding electricity bill and paid my personal banker a visit for some banking matter.
Now, I'm in Starbucks The Curve waiting for my Bodypump class @ 1820. Gotta go now... ciao.


Jayce said...

Life is like that lo. Sometime luck stay away from us.
Wish you better luck soon. =)

keeyit said...

poor u..
never mind, tomorrow will be better..

TZ said...

Jayce: thanks for the wishes... I felt better after a good workout last nite. I left all the bad luck @ the gym... :-p

keeyit: thanks... I'm planning for better tomorrow. Just send my decision letter to my HR and copy my boss. After this Friday, I could announce and proceed with the job transition activities. :->