Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Morning!

It's Monday morning ... My first working Monday. Woke up @ 6:30am... took me about an hour to get ready plus having my breakfast. Traffic was good this morning, smooth moving @ NKVE. I reached Subang @ about 8am which my meeting will only start at 9am.

I decided to pop over and sit in McD for more breakfast even though i had my usual health breakfast @ home i.e. fruits and a bowl of Oats. 

Gotta sign off and go for my meeting.... Ciao


cc said...

Nothing starts a morning like a good hearty McBreakie. ;)

Mr Dino said...

LOLZ.. u haf time to online @ McD? hahahha..
didnt know dat the McD over there can online.. waaahhh~~

Simon Seow said...

I prefer breakie in Coffee Bean.

Jian said...

:) looks like passed few days have some good updates from u.. it's good to read thru it and glad to hear tat ur presentation was fine.. busy time coming for u, which is good.. keep it up, all the best and eat more McD hash browns.. they are the best.. :)

TZ said...

cc: my morning start with TLC breakfast from mom... sound very mama boy eh! ;-p

mr.dino: that's project manager job ... time management LoL... anyway, it's just lest than 10mins to blog about my breakfast @ McD :-p

Simon Seow: It's true ... coffee bean is nicer than McD but unfortunately... there's no CB there.

Jian: Eat more McD hash brown... errrrr... i rather not... Hash Brown = Fat. Anyway, thanks bro for your support :->

cc said...

Breaky from mum is the best! Lucky you! :)