Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy! Taking a break, have a kit kat vs hit the gym?

I was sitting down in front of the computer since morning for the past two days. Need to get something completed before meeting with my boss next Monday and Tuesday. :-p

My mind is not working anymore, just too tired to think... need to chill for a couple of hours. Will be back for dinner and start work later. Gotta make a move now... enjoy your evening eh!

Take a break, have a Kit Kat

For TZ, take a break, hit the gym :-p

Which one you choose when taking a break? Have a kit kat or hit the gym?
TZ has choose to hit the gym... Leaving for Fitness First Manulife shortly... Ciao! :-p


Chen said...

i would love to lie down on the sofa when taking a break :)

TZ said...

Chen: You must be having a nice and comfortable sofa.... :->

Simon Seow said...

Fitness First, Manulife? Just behind my office wor. I work in HP Tower.

TZ said...

Simon Seow: Are you a member of Fitness First?... i have a friend who also work in HP Tower... we always go out for lunch... he works in Intel :-p

jay said...

My conscience wants me to hit the gym, my over-indulged, procrastinating, lazy, inner child always makes me go for the kit kat!


cc said...

Gym then reward with kit kat! :D

Simon Seow said...

No lah. I quit membership 3 years ago. Not discipline enough to go =P. I work in HP lol.

TZ said...

Jay: We couldn't help you ... need some determination to pull your leg to step into the gym... My experience is to pass a period and make exercise be part of your life... like u need to eat everyday :->

cc: Ouch!... burnt and regain... I meant Calories. hahaha... :-p