Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8 hours back --> forwarding 8 hours

8 hours back
It's middle of the week again... I just completed my meeting with my new team to mapping out the business process and application flow. This is an important process for all of us to get ourselves level before talking to our customers in the near future.

This process will take time to accomplish but the outcome and result will help us clearly on understand the business and its issue that we are going to solve... I could not talk about this in more detail in my entries... Anyway, in a nut shell... this is a good process for the whole team.

I dropped by McD for a quick breakfast before meeting my team. What breakfast for a health freak like me... errrrr.....

Sausage muffin with egg, hashbrown and coffee

Watch Olympics @ I'm loving it place...

Meeting started @ 9:30am and went throught smoothly... team has completed one module before lunch. We walked over the restaurant nearby for lunch and continued our discussion after lunch... Forgot to take the camera along.... no picture to show... Sorry folks :-p
We finished the discussion @ about 14:30... stayed for awhile to chat a bit... then headed to Starbucks Summit to wait for my gym buddy Simon to meet me for gym session.

Is this picture blur? This is exactly how i see after meeting for a few hours :-p

Next 8 hours
I'll be going to have a gym session with my gym buddy Simon. We planned to hit the back, tricep, bicep and abs hard this evening. Maybe will have dinner together before heading back home.

BTW, i need to get those picture that my PT's colleague took during our Ironmen Challenge. Wanted to share with all of you how i look during the session. It was a tough session though... will blog about this later. Stay tune eh!

Get myself to sleep early tonight as i will have my 1st jabs i.e. Yellow Fever tomorrow afternoon @ KLCC medical Center. I was in the uncomfortable zone since this morning when i got the message from the agent that helped me to arrange all the jabs...

Anyway, life has to go on... TZ face it like a man eh!...


Jian said...

oh yea TZ c'mon the iron man challenge post!! oh oh and also dun forget to post after ur jab tmr.. on how u broke the needle and the sexy nurse with tight uniform.. share share ok? :)

TZ said...

Jian: I will take my camera along to the jabs... hopefully the nurse could help me to take my picture... btw, if the nurse is sexy... will get a picture with her too. Don't jealous wor.... :-p