Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good Morning .... will tomorrow a better day?

I woke up as early as 5am something... not sure why but just jumped up from the bed with solutions in my mind on how i'm going to close this gap. Maybe some message just sent from somewhere. hehehe...

I was extremely down yesterday... for many months i was struggling on my emotion and life especially working life which i'm still don't have a job. I got a great support from my parents... they were the person that support me to go on with all the challenge that i faced. Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the LOVE and SUPPORT. For the past few months, I always looking back what i had before in my previous company which making me even down... Until yesterday, the Friday that i have been, I strongly belief this was the black Friday for me. I never felt so down on my job... *Sigh* I'm the person that i could come out from the problems and challenges i faced without going to the depression. So far, i was going through the depression when i broke out with my ex-girlfriend two years ago. That was a painful moment... that event has triggered me to start this blog which brought me back on track... :->

I could not stop thinking about what had happened especially those issues and gaps were not even the challenges from the project itself... it's all related to people issues and this even not the group of customers... *sigh*  So, I decided to hit the gym which i could release part of my stress and uncomfortable feeling to the machines and weight (Sorry dear machine and weight). I spent about 1.5 hrs to work out in the gym... refreshing my mind... After the gym, I dropped by TGIF the Curve to have my dinner (oops... spent again!) Anyway, i felt that it's a good spent.. why? (just continue reading).... I have some chat and chill out with Benjie... Looking at Benjie juggling @ the bar... (btw, side track, Benjie has won 4th place in the Malaysia Flair Open 2008). He made couples of nice cocktail for me. Shahrul, the restaurant manager of Teh Tarik joined me later... :-> I spent about 4 hrs in TGIF sitting @ the bar observing the crowd and of course my processor still processing to come out a solution.... I'm not the person could solve the problem in the office or home... I need to go out sitting in crowded place to get my inspiration of solving the problem... :-> Anyway... no solution was generated last night. I left TGIF with a little bit alcohol influence... still able to drive back safely.

I just don't know why... when i hit home... after finished washing my gym clothing, as usual i login to the net, facebook, my blog etc. I was sitting on the couch and dozed off. I belief with the right amount of alcohol influence and a tired mind, I went into sleepy mode... :-> This is a good, at least i was not continue processing until i was sleepless. When i woke up this morning, i felt much more better.... :-> 

I always belief along the toughest path there will be lots of friends supporting me to go through the toughest path. Since yesterday, I received lots of friends showing their concern on my situation... I was appreciated with all my friends... Thanks you for all of your support and patience of listening, reading my rumbling...  To my surprise, I received an offer from my new colleague offer his help to close the gap even during the long weekend, my future boss also sent me a mail to offer me help whenever i needed. I'm really appreciated their support and help so far. 

No doubt this is a tough transition for me in term of culture and job. I have made up my mind... no matter how tough I will not give up, I will go ahead and make this happen... This is my promise! My Commitment! No one can put me down from today onwards... I would need to be strong to overcome this.... Will tomorrow a better day? I would say YES!

Picture taken @ Danum Valley 5am


Ah-Bong said...

well. glad that you're feeling better. and yeaps, blogging helps keep you back on track. ;)
nyways, wish u all the best!

TZ said...

ah-bong: thanks bro... I felt better :-> btw, thanks for dropping.

David said...

i think it's time for you to try jobstreet priority application:

I was kinda down being jobless previously too. But this worked for me, within a week calls started coming in... :)

all the best, hope you get a job soon.

TZ said...

David: Thanks for the advice... I'm still sitting @ the fence hoping for everything turn out well soon... at the same time i have looked for another alternative :-p