Monday, August 11, 2008

Grandpa's birthday on July 26th 2008

As all of you know my blog entry was a little behind time now.... this is due to my involvement in the new job which eat up most of my time. I was not able to keep up with the date... anyway, i wanna to back dated this as this is my grandpa 92th birthday.

July 26th 2008 was my grandpa birthday... My aunty has organized a very simple and different luncheon then previous... why i say so and guess what? we had Bak Kut Teh (BKT) for grandpa birthday luncheon. I was a little surprise when i heard this... reason being, for the past, we usually celebrated grandpa's birthday in a nice restaurant with at least 8 course meal... but this year it was a little different... simple and nice.
The birthday boy


Besides the BKT, there were Durian too. I did not touch any durian as i didn't feel like eating any Durian on that day. So i skipped the nice part... talk about Durian which Malaysian could resist... :-p the answer is ME! ... 
Durian - the stinky fruits

who could resist the Durian in Malaysia???... me! hehehe

After the lunch, the whole gang decided to drop by grandpa's place for a while before we headed back home. We chit chat and reviewed the old photo collection... I managed to see the photo taken when i was only 6 or 7 years old... so young... forgot to snapshot so i could show it in this entry :-p hehehe... next time eh!

I'm glad i managed to attend my grandpa 92th birthday before leaving for my 20 months project @ Uganda... Grandpa... Happy Birthday :-> I'll be back for your next birthday eh!


Chen said...

happy belated birthday to your dear grandpa :)

TZ said...

chen: thanks... :->