Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Malaysia Flair Open 2008

I went for the Malaysia Flair Open 2008 to support my bartender frenz Benjie. He has gone into final after this morning competition. The competition started an hour late which at about 8:30pm. I was not able to watch Benjie's performance. Sorry Bro, I need to pick up my mom from painting class. 

Anyway, managed to be there to wish Benjie all the best... I have no idea what is the result... Will check out with Benjie later.

Contestant @ Final (Benjie - 2nd from the left)
Can u spot Benjie?
Cool bar setup - Blue in color is water flowing
My drink, Around the World with the nice bar setup

Anyone has idea where is this place? Hint: It's a nice bar @ Plaza Mont Kiara. The bar name is S_ _ _ _ _   T_ _


iml said...

It's the line on your mum that caught my interest. So cool to have mum taking painting lesson.

TZ said...

iml: My mom have been taking the chinese ink painting for years... :->

Anonymous said...

Hi TZ, I got a job for Benjie but not manage to get his personal contact. Could you please get him to contact me at emma@star-em.com?

Thank you very much.