Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Tonight will mark the end of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic. Time flies... and yet i'm still in Malaysia watching the closing ceremony... *sigh*

I'm planning to watch the closing ceremony tonight... so no nite out folks! Again, the closing ceremony is planned to start @ 8pm Beijing time (Malaysia Time) but the live telecast in our national TV will only start at 8:30pm @ RTM 2. We are going to miss 1/2hr again... the TV station did not learn their lesson on the opening ceremony... All Malaysian whom watching from the national TV has made lots of noise because of missing the 1st 1/2 hr of the events during the opening ceremony which missed out the best part of the opening ceremony... Digi... If you wanna to sponsor the event live telecast... please sponsor the full version not the 1/2 cut off in the beginning... 

What do you think about this summer olympic logo? 


Anonymous said...

yea the logo kinda nice but i dont think that it suitable for olympic game, it more suitable for club haha.

TZ said...

kurukure: Dude... for the first time i saw this logo... first come to my mind was ... "Why the logo not so impressive!" It's true this is more suitable for club :->