Thursday, August 14, 2008

Knowing my limit...

I was participate in Ironmen Challenge @ Fitness First Summit last Monday. My Personal Trainer (PT) Isaiah has signed my up on this challenging event. I don't know who were my competitor until the day itself... 

There was one lady and three guys. The lady has her own group but since she was the only one... she would need to complete all the planned challenge to win the prize. So lucky... but for me i need to compete with 2 other guys... 

My PT Isaiah who is also the fitness manager in Summit has planned a list of challenge for all of us. The challenge was who could last the longest would be the winner.

Running on the Treadmill for 30 mins
Static Squat
Static Lunges
Cycling for 15 mins
Static Push up
Static shoulder exercise (holding a 5KG plate)
X-trainer for 15 mins
Superman style for lower back exercise
Bridge with single leg up

Run TZ run...

Run everyone run eh!

Ready to hold the 5KG plate, no dropping the weight please!

Static Lunges

X-trainer, My favor cardio machine

After we managed to complete all the planned challenge. Isaiah has given a box of yogurt energy bar. One top from Man and Women group will get the present from Kee department and the rest of the participates will get one box of yogurt.

Team laughing after the challenge

Serious team

Fun! Fun! and Fun!... :-p

Back to business

TZ and Isaiah (PT)

Finally i got the chance to take a nice picture with m PT. I missed my PT session so much but if i would have sign up, i don't think i could finish all the session before leaving for Uganda.

More picture @ tz-photo

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