Thursday, August 14, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Anyone planning to go to the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) this year? The photo above was taken by me @ the MIFC last year ... Team Italy :->

Date: 16-29th August 2008
Venue: Putrajaya
Time : 2130

Team participate
Team Malaysia - August 12th 2008
Team China - August 16th 2008
Team Canada - August 20th 2008
Team Spain - August 24th 2008
Finale - August 29th 2008 (team Australia - who the MIFC last year)

I was there last year and took quite a number of pictures with video clip too. It was an international standard competition. The fireworks accompany with the music in the background. So if you have not paid a visit... do so, i bet you will not be regret to do so....

More video (tzlife) for last year events: part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

More photo @ tz-photo

Convince to go for this year MIFC? If so do go early and get a good spot for the fireworks watching... BTW, here's some tips and expectation you will get before and after the fireworks.

  • Get there early and stand @ the spot that you could see the nice view - I was there 2 hours before the show started.
  • Try to get up to the PICC open carpark area... i don't know whether this year they will allow but i was there last year. All the shots taken from the carpark... it's free of charge thot :-p
  • Don't drink too much water as you need to get out from your stand to the toilet ... your best spot will be gone!
  • Be prepared to stand there for hours just for a 1/2 hr show. Worth to stand? you decide!!!

  • Get stuck in the traffic jam and not able to get the bus back to the train station :-(
  • After getting your car, stuck in the jam out to LDP, Elite (connect to NKVE)...etc ---> No KL-Putrajaya Highway yet... so hopefully this year will be better :-p
By the time i reached home... it was so tired... Anyway, for me i think that it was worth to go for such a nice fireworks display. Is it worth for you to go... You decide!!!!


Simple Alex said...

aww... i wish i can go!!!

TZ said...

Simple Alex: where are you? not in KL? If you are in KL just drive over to Putrajaya... :-p

cc said...

Beautiful shot!

TZ said...

cc: thanks... took these last year :->

Mr Dino said...

interested to go.. but still no plan when n how ... hmmmm...... ^__^

TZ said...

Mr. Dino: you should go at least once ... the fireworks display is splendid...